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  • How to fetch records followed in Salesforce Chatter Stream?
    Sample Code: Output:
  • IsClientManaged in Salesforce EmailMessage
    If EmailMessage is created with IsClientManaged flag set to true, then the users can modify EmailMessage.ContentDocumentIds to link file attachments even though the Status of the EmailMessage is not set to Draft. To update EmailMessage.ContentDocumentIds, ContentDocumentLink records should be created. IsClientManaged in Salesforce EmailMessage is used to automatically create task […]
  • How to make Salesforce BULK API V1 Query request from PostMan?
    Using PostMan client, we can make Salesforce Bulk API V1 create job, create batch, check batch status, close job and check job status requests. 1. Create a Connected App in Salesforce. Callback URL should be https://{Your Domain}.my.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/callback Example: https://test-ec-dev-ed.develop.my.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/callback 2. Get the Access token. Endpoint URL: https://test-ec-dev-ed.develop.my.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token 3. Use […]
  • Sample Salesforce External Service
    External Services can be invoked from Flows. 1. Go to https://app.swaggerhub.com/home and Sign Up for Trial. 2. Create an API using “Create New API” option in Swagger. 3. Enter the API details and click “Create API Swagger” button. 4. Use the following specification to create the API. 5. Publish […]
  • How to query Salesforce Custom Label Translations?
    Custom Label Translations are stored in ExternalStringLocalization Entity. So, we can query using Tooling API. Custom Label Translations Sample SOQL:
  • Salesforce Enforce login IP ranges on every request
    “Enforce login IP ranges on every request” in the Session Settings will enforce IP addresses in the Login IP Ranges for all the Salesforce access requests. If this option is disabled, then the Login IP Ranges are enforced only when the users log in. 1. Go to Session Settings […]
  • We can’t build the model right now Salesforce Einstein BOT Exception
    In order to build the Einstein BOT Model, we would need the following requirements: 1. There should be atleast 2 Intents(dialogues) and a minimum of 20uttrences for every Intent. 2. Make sure the Intent is enabled in the respective dialogues. 3. Turn off and Turn on the Einstein BOTs […]

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