Salesforce Partner User Role Names

When you enable the first Salesforce external user on a Partner Account, a user Role Hierarchy gets created for that Account. The new role hierarchy rolls up to the account owner. The three roles in this role hierarchy are Partner User, Partner Manager, and Partner Executive. When you create contacts on the Partner Account and convert them to external users, assign one of these roles to them.

Set the number of roles in Digital Experience Site Settings.

1. Use "Enable As Partner" quick action to enable the Account as Partner Account.

2. Use Enable Partner User from the Contact record.

3. Check the user's role.

4. We can update the Role.

"Converting circular structure to JSON" Exception in JavaScript

Sample code to Reproduce the issue:
let obj = {};
obj.a = "A";
obj.b = obj;
console.log( JSON.stringify( obj ) );

JSON.stringify() method does not support the circular references. So we have to remove the circular references before converting the object to JSON.

Fix for the above code:

let obj = {};
let obj1 = { "value" : "B" };
obj.a = "A";
obj.b = obj1;
console.log( JSON.stringify( obj ) );