INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR, Unable to find query cursor data for this QueryLocator

When a query has to return more data, Salesforce uses Query Locators. In order to understand more about this

Reasons may be below for the exception

1. Too much data for a single query. Try to limit the data.

2. You've exceeded your allowance of having max 5 queryLocators open.

3. You've exceeded 10 minute inactivity timeout of a queryLocator.

Salesforce adding hyphen (-) to the Opportunity Name

This is Standard Salesforce functionality. By default, Salesforce allows you to add the name which starts with Account Name -. So that user can edit that name and use some other name. Generally people use Account Name-Opportunity Name.

Check this for more information.

How to subscribe to Salesforce Change Data Capture from MuleSoft?

To know about Change Data Capture, check the below link

Salesforce Change Data Capture:

MuleSoft Flow:

Subscribe Channel Configuration:

Transform Message Configuration:

Logger Configuration: