How to find Accounts with specific Contact Role associated with it in Salesforce?

1. Create a report with Accounts and Contacts Report Type.

2. Select With Contact Roles as the Cross Filter.

3. Add the Role under the Cross Filter.

Only event organizers can update this field: [WhoId] issue in Salesforce

We get this exception if we are updating an Event which is child of another event.

SELECT Id, IsChild, IsGroupEvent FROM Event WHERE Id = 'IdOfEvent'  

How Child Events get Created in Salesforce? 
While creating a new event/editing an existing event, we have the ability to invite people. So, for the invitees(users/contacts/leads), Salesforce internally creates separate events for each invitee with the flag isChild=TRUE.

When you are updating the events, ignore events where IsChild = true.

How to remove specific key and its value from JSON in MuleSoft using DataWeave?

Sample Code:

  1. %dw 2.0  
  2. output application/json  
  3. ---  
  4. payload filterObject ((value, key) -> (key as String != "Test"))  

In the above code
1. filterObject is used to filter JSON payload.
2. key as String is used since key is not an equivalent to String.
3. != is used to select all keys and values except "Test".

The above code removes key "Test" and it's values from the payload.