Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 70

Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 70

1. How to route Leads/Cases/Chats/Custom Object records based on Agents Availability in Salesforce?
We can use Omni-Channel feature in Salesforce. Based on the Omni-Channel presence status(Online, Offline, Away, etc), the records will be assigned to the agents.

2. Types of routing in Salesforce Omni-Channel
In Omni-Channel, we have two types of routing.
1. Skill Based Routing
2. Queue Based Routing

3. Where do we configure Skills for agents for Skill Based routing in Salesforce?
1. Create a Service Resource records for the agents.
2. Created related Skills records from the Service Resource related list “Skills”.

4. Is it possible to route WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Messages and SMS Messages using Omni-Channel?
Yes. We have to utilize Digital Engagement Messaging feature in Salesforce.

WhatsApp Messages Routing:

SMS Messages Routing:

Facebook Messages Routing:

Digital Engagement Messaging is not a free feature. It requires additional Add-On Licenses.

5. How to change the behavior of Contact that gets created as part of Digital Engagement Messaging in Salesforce?
Channel Object Linking Rules can be used. It is easy to set up by just point and click configuration.

6. What objects support Assignment Rules?
1. Lead
2. Case

7. How to handle SLAs in Salesforce Cases?
Entitlement Management can be used.

8. What objects support Salesforce Entitlement Management?
1. Case
2. Work Order

9. How to escalate the cases automatically in Salesforce based on some criteria?
Escalation Rules can be used.

10. How to send an email when a Case Comment is added to the Case in Salesforce?
Case Comment notification can be used.

11. How to capture or create cases from the emails in Salesforce?
Email to Case can be utilized.

12. How to capture or create cases in Salesforce from a form in Company’s website?
Web to Case feature can be used.

13. How Case Management is handled in Salesforce?

14. What feature in Salesforce can be used to send or assign agents bases on the Service Appointments and Work Orders?
Field Service Lightning can be used.

15. What feature allows agents to automate things like Sending Emails, Post to social networks, Replace field values in a case, Insert Field values into a case, etc in Salesforce?

Macros can be used.

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