How to route WhatsApp Messages to Salesforce Omni-Channel using queue based routing?

WhatsApp Messages can be handled and addressed via Salesforce using Digital Engagement Messaging feature. Messages will be routed to Omni-Channel and the agents can address the customer's concern.

1. Messaging should be enabled in your org and it's not free.
2. WhatsApp Business number is required. Please check this help article for getting one -
1. Enable Messaging in Salesforce Setup.
2.  Complete the steps shared in the below help article.
3. Create a Routing Configuration.

4. Create a Queue with the above Routing Configuration.

5. Check whether Messaging Session Service Channel is present. If not, create it.

6. Create Presence Status to accept Messages.

7. Make sure Presence Status is assigned to your profile for testing.

8. Go to Messaging Settings under setup. Make sure you have completed step 2 to view the WhatsApp number. Do the WhatsApp Messaging configuration. Make sure the queue is selected and Routing Type is set as Omni-Channel.

9. Set your Presence Status in Omni-Channel widget to receive messages.

Sample Conversation: