Salesforce Sample Interview Questions

  1. What is Apex?
  2. What is VisualForce?
  3. What is an S-Control?
  4. What is the difference between Visualforce and S-Control?
  5. What is mini page layout?
  6. What are wrapper classes?
  7. When do we use wrapper classes?
  8. What are the available editions in Salesforce?
  9. What is the difference between different editions of Salesforce?
  10. What is the difference between Sandbox and Developer environment?
  11. How to schedule export or take the backup of Salesforce?
  12. What are sharing settings?
  13. What are recursive triggers? How can we avoid the recursion problem?
  14. What are apex governer limits?
  15. Do governer limits apply to sandbox instances?
  16. What are activities?
  17. What is the difference between task and event?
  18. List and describe features used to set permission and data access in custom app.
  19. How will you create a user?
  20. What is the difference between page layout and related list?
  21. What are person accounts?
  22. How forecasting works in salesforce?
  23. What are system fields? Can you name some of them.
  24. What are default components available on home page?
  25. How do I change the home page layout?
  26. How many types of reports I can create in salesforce? What are they?
  27. What is dashboard? How is it created?
  28. What is page layout?
  29. What is related list?
  30. What are recent release features?
  31. How do you use actionFunction tag?
  32. What is the difference between actionFunction and actionSupport tags?
  33. What is actionPoller?
  34. What is the difference between ISNULL and ISBLANK?
  35. How do you do FileUpload using visualforce?
  36. What is appExchange? How can I host my application on appExchange?
  37. What is batch apex?
  38. When will you use batch apex and what is the best practice?
  39. What is apex scheduler?
  40. What are webservice callouts?
  41. Explain how MVC architecture fit for Salesforce.
  42. How will you create relationship between objects?
  43. How many types of relationships are possible between objects?
  44. How many data types are supported for a Custom Objects standard field name?
  45. How do you hide header and side bar on visualforce page?
  46. What is the difference between standard and custom controller?
  47. What is controller extension?
  48. How do you read parameter in visualforce page?
  49. How many dependent drop downs can be put in visualforce page?
  50. What is the maximum size of the PDF generated on  visualforce attribute renderAs?
  51. How can we check the objects accessibility on visualforce page?
  52. How many rows are returned by a list controller?
  53. What is custom component?
  54. What is assignTo attribute and what is its use?

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  1. 52. 10,000 rows are returned by a list controller.