Interview stuff

  1. Define Profile and role?
  2. What are all the types of relationships in soql?
  3. What are the types for run Batch class?
  4. Explain Dynamic Apex like Apex Describe information?
  5. Explain Remote Action in apex?
  6. What is View state?
  7. Explain Pagination in Visual force page?
  8. Can we use in After Delete trigger?
  9. Explain Future methods and limitation?
  10. What is difference between Sales Team and Account Team?
  11. How can we change standard Time format in to Salesforce and Local?
  12. What is the difference between Action Support and Action Fuction?
  13. What is the difference between Command Lind and Command Button?
  14. Explain Security in Salesforce?
  15. Inline Visual force page?
  16. How to remove redundancy in List?
  17. If we are writing Global class how we can secure to external user?
  18. What is the use of Junction object?
  19. How we can create custom field from page layout?
  20. Lead conversion?
  21. Can we create contact without account?
  22. What is Field Set and why we are using this?
  23. Define Permission set?
  24. What are partner and Enterprise WSDL?
  25. What is difference between ActionFuction and ActionSupport?
  26. Explain Reports in Salesforce?
  27. Criteria based sharing?
  28. Explain Record sharing and types?

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