Salesforce Summer ’18 Release Highlights

Simplify Your Code with the Apex Switch Statement 
Apex now provides a switch statement that tests whether an expression matches one of several values and branches accordingly.

Apex switch statement expressions can be one of the following types.

Sample Code:

switch on i {
   when 2 {
       System.debug('when block 2');
   when -3 {
       System.debug('when block -3');
   when else {


Create New Sub Folder in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

One of the most common requests from a custom user interface is to provide a form to view or edit a record. This functionality has now been boxed up for you as lightning:recordForm. With this base component, you can point to a record object (standard or custom) and have the form composed for you.

You can base the form on a layout (Full or Compact).

Set the mode attribute to view, edit, or readonly to specify the type of form. This form was created by specifying mode="edit" to add a record.

Update data with editable data tables in Lightning Component
lightning:dataTable has received a few improvements including the ability to mark a cell as editable. This allows you to flag specific data points that you want users to be able to update.

Sample Code:
cmp.set('v.contactcolumns', [
       {label: 'First Name', fieldName: 'FirstName', type: 'text', editable: true},
       {label: 'Last Name', fieldName: 'LastName', type: 'text', editable: true},
       {label: 'Email', fieldName: 'Email', type: 'text', editable: true}

Account-Based Marketing Dashboard
The Account-Based Marketing dashboard helps marketing and sales work together to drive key accounts to close. Marketing can see overall pipeline and has insight into account-based sales activities. Sales can see the number of contacts engaged per account and which campaigns worked best to drive those connected personalized conversations.

Sales Cloud Einstein Mobility
Maximize every selling moment even when you are on the go with Sales Cloud Einstein Account and Opportunity insights now available on mobile.

Einstein Bots
Increase case deflection and reduce handle time with AI-powered chatbots. Natively built on the Salesforce platform, Einstein Bots can be set up declaratively and are pre-integrated into your CRM data and real-time channels. Use Einstein Bots to collect and qualify customer information to resolve routine issues or seamlessly escalate to an agent for fast resolution.

Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing
Ensure that cases are always routed to the right agent, to solve the case the first time, with Omni-Channel skills-based routing. Automatically push cases to agents based on their skill set, availability, and capacity through the power of the Omni-Channel Routing engine.

Pre-Built Themes in Community Cloud
With pre-built themes, you can create a visually stunning experience for visitors, using clicks, not code. To create your experience, you can start from a library of pre-built themes in Lightning Community Builder. Plus, you can take advantage of themes for your existing communities, as well.

Community 360 Enhancements
With Community 360, agents can see what customers have been engaged in to deliver seamless service. The Summer '18 enhancements let agents see even more. Now, they can get a full view of customer interactions with assets, contracts, custom objects, orders, products, and tasks in the community.

Pinned Posts
Now, you can make sure that the most important information gets the right amount of attention within your community. With pinned posts, you can pin up to three posts to each topic or group feed.

Moving reports and dashboards to different folders in Salesforce

Language Analyzer for Site Search in Commerce Cloud
Language analyzers are an important feature for site search. A language analyzer understands the characteristics of a specific language (like apostrophes, French accents, Greek characters, and more), and increases the relevancy of search results.

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