Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 30

Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 30

1. Life cycle of  Salesforce ?

2. Can we convert Master Detail converts lookup ? and vice versa and how ?
Yes. By using Change Data Type button.

3. How do u create Many to Many relationship?

4. What happens if a junction object is deleted?
Many to many relationship will be lost. Both the objects will be independent.

5. Have u done  Deployment ?
Yes. ANT tool, IDE and Change Set.

6. How do you Transfer Reports from one org to org?
Through deployment.

7. Reports From production to sandbox?
Through deployment and through sandbox refresh.

8. Where we use contracts?
Entitlement Management.

9. Does Validation rule run/fire on delete?

10. Field Description – long text , edited the description , Today – a  , tomorrow – b , Day after  tomorrow – c ,  ( Track all the changes )
Feed Tracking can be used.

11. What does Test/Design Documents include and how you prepare them
From the requirement.

12. Types of workflow
Email Alert, Task, Field Update, Outbound Message.

13. Why we use record type in reports?

14. What are permission sets?

15. How do we assign permission sets?
Go the user record and in the Permission Set Assignment related list, we can assign.

16. Types of reports
Tabular, Summary, Matrix and Joined

17. What is sharing rules?

18. If two users bare the same position in a org how one can access the others records in his absence.
By default they cannot see. Using Team, it can be shared.

19. What is queues?

20. Difference between roles, permission sets and profiles

21. Define master-detail & lookup relationship

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