May 7, 2013

Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 10

1. Write a query for below.
I have 1 parent(account) and 1 child(contact),how will you get, from child and email from the account when Organization name in account is "CTS"?

SELECT Email, (SELECT F.Name, L.Name FROM Contacts) FROM Account WHERE Name = 'CTS'.

2. what are workflow actions?

Field Update
Email Alert
Outbound Message

3. What are outbound messages?what it will contain?

In outbound message contains end point URL.

4. What is External id?primary id?
External id is unique to external application.
Primay id is unique to internal organization.

5. Data loader?and which format it will support?

Data loader is a tool to manage bulk data. It will support .csv format of Excel.

6. How import wizard will not allow the duplicates?Using external id.

7. What are validation rules?

Used to maintain data format.

8. Recursive triggers?where you have used?

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  1. This is the correct answer for first question
    SELECT Email, (SELECT F.Name, L.Name FROM Contacts)from Account WHERE Name = 'CTS'.