May 7, 2013

State and Country Picklists—Beta in Salesforce

State and country picklists allow users to select states and countries from predefined, standardized lists, instead of entering state and country data into text fields.

State and country picklists allow for faster and easier data entry. Reports, email templates, and list views are automatically updated and no need of Validation Rules and Triggers for data entry.

State and country picklists are available on certain standard objects.

In this beta release, you can access and use the new picklists in most places that state and country fields are available in Salesforce, including:
  •     Record edit and detail pages
  •     List views, reports, and dashboards
  •     Filters, functions, rules, and assignments
In this beta release, state and country picklists do not work with:
  •     Campaign Members
  •     Translation Workbench
  •     Salesforce to Salesforce
  •     Salesforce Touch or Salesforce Mobile
  •     Visual Workflow, packaging, or partner portals
  •     Custom indexes or outbound messages


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