December 28, 2012

Salesforce interview stuffs

1.    How to add Row limit and Dashboard settings for Tabular report?

2.    How to find total no of records using SOQL?

3.    How to use a list variable in SOQL?

4.    How to edit Report folder?

5.    How to schedule export?

6.    How to get values from apex:inputField in controller?

7.    How to include external Javascript file in VF?

8.    How to use Custom Labels in Visualforce page and Apex?

9.    How to schedule a report?

10.    How to display multiple Dashboards in home page?

11.    How to track field history in Salesforce?

12.    How to convert lead using Apex?

13.    How to create Sandbox?

14.    How to make approval process active?

15.    How to execute SOQL query in Developer Console?

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