December 28, 2012

Salesforce interview questions to be expected

1.    How to reset password for particular users in SaleSforce?   

2.    How to grant your administrator or support personnel to login as you?

3.    How to find out what Salesforce edition you have?

4.    How to import attachments using Apex Data Loader?

5.    How to get security token in Salesforce?

6.    Difference between WhoID and WhatID?

7.    Difference between ISBLANK and ISNULL?

8.    Difference between Sandbox and Developer Edition?

9.    How to get fields for sObject using Apex?Apex and Visualforce?

10.    How to truncate string using apex in Salesforce?

11.    How to get Organization ID?

12.    How to convert sObject to String in Apex?

13.    How to free list memory using apex?

14.    How to get a subquery field value using Apex?

15.    How do I configure proxy settings for Java?

16.    How to send email to a public group using apex?

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