Sample Salesforce Canvas App running Locally

1. Download the below Project and extract it.

2. Move it to a directory. In my case, I have moved it to Documents folder.

3. Install GIT.

4. Install Maven. Make sure Java JDK is installed before installing Maven.

5. Navigate to SalesforceCanvasFrameworkSDK folder.

6. Use the below command to package the app.
mvn package

Your build should succeed.

7. Enter the below command.
keytool -keystore keystore -alias jetty -genkey -keyalg RSA

Enter 123456 as the password and enter other details asked.

8. Use chmod +x target/bin/webapp command if you are using Mac or Linux OS. Else, skip this step.

9. Run the below command.
sh target/bin/webapp

Test by checking "https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/index.jsp"

10. Go to App Manager in Salesforce. Click New Connected App.

Logo Image URL - https://localhost:8443/images/salesforce.png
Icon URL - https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/logo.png
Selected OAuth Scopes - Access your basic information (id, profile, email, address, phone)
Callback URL - https://localhost:8443/sdk/callback.html
Canvas App URL - https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/index.jsp
Access Method - Signed Request (POST)
Locations - Chatter Tab

11. Go to Chatter Tab in Classic and click the Canvas App Name to view the app.

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