Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 67

Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 67

1. Secondary Routing Priority in Salesforce Omni-Channel
In a queue, priority is determined by how long the work item has been
waiting—first in, first out. However, while a work item is pending in
the queue, new work could come in that is more urgent. In this Case,
Secondary Routing Priority in Salesforce Omni-Channel plays a vital

2. Is Heroku PaaS or IaaS?

Heroku is a Platform as a Service which runs on AWS. But, managed by Salesforce.
3. Heroku Connect and Salesforce API Limits
Heroku Connect data sync does not count against Salesforce API limits.
By default, Heroku Connect will poll your Salesforce org for changes to sync every ten minutes. It also offers accelerated polling for some objects.
Accelerated Polling(Push Topic) –

4. Heroku Pipeline
A pipeline is a group of Heroku apps that share the same codebase. Each app in a pipeline represents one of the following stages in a continuous delivery workflow:

– Development
– Review
– Staging
– Production

Pipelines are extremely useful for managing multiple environments for your app. A common pipeline workflow has the following steps:

– A developer creates a pull request to make a change to the codebase.
– Heroku automatically creates a review app for the pull request, allowing developers to test the change.
– When the change is ready, it’s merged into the codebase’s master branch.
– The master branch is automatically deployed to the pipeline’s staging app for further testing.
– When the change is ready, a developer promotes the staging app to production, making it available to the app’s end users.

5. What is Pardot in Salesforce?

Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation solution. If you’re a business who sells to other businesses (or B2B), Pardot can automate your marketing activities and unite your marketing and sales departments so that they can work better together.

6. Difference Between Pardot Campaigns and Lists

Pardot campaigns are prospects grouped together for tracking and reporting purposes.
Pardot lists are prospects grouped together to make it easier to email marketing materials to them as a group.

7. “Edit Read Only Fields” permission 

“Edit Read Only Fields” permission allows users to edit values in the fields that are read only due to page layouts or field-level security.

8. Will Role-Hierarchy grants records shared via Sharing Set?

No. Record access granted to users via sharing sets isn’t extended to their superiors in the role hierarchy.

9. System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

10. How to restrict Salesforce Lightning Aura Component for objects and device?

Sample component’s design resource for restricting it to two objects and available for both desktop and phone support added.

<design:component label=”Sample Component”>
    <design:attribute name=”title” label=”Title” description=”Title for lightning card” />
        <design:supportedFormFactor type=”Large”/>
        <design:supportedFormFactor type=”Small”/>

11.  How to call apex class when a file is downloaded in Salesforce? 

Use Sfc.ContentDownloadHandlerFactory interface to call apex class when a file is downloaded in Salesforce.
a download is triggered either from the UI, Connect API, or an sObject
call retrieving ContentVersion.VersionData, implementations of the
Sfc.ContentDownloadHandlerFactory are looked up.
System.debug( ‘Value is ‘ + [ SELECT Id, VersionData FROM ContentVersion WHERE Id = ‘0684x00000377ZUAAY’ ] ); 
If the above code is executed, then also the apex class will be called.
But, if we use the below REST API Endpoint, then the apex class won’t be invoked.


12. Salesforce Products are not visible in the Price Book

A price book is a list of products and their prices.
To make Products are visible for a Price Book
1. Add the Products to the Price Book and enter the Amount.
2. Active checkbox in Price Book decides whether you can add the price book to an opportunity or quote. So, Price Book record for the product should be Active.
13. How to assign the Chat to other available agents when the agent is not accepting the Chats in Salesforce?

Use Push Time-Out.
Time-Out is the amount of time given to an agent to respond to an
assigned item (Chats or other records when using Omni-Channel) before
it’s pushed to another agent. This can be set with Chat Routing
Information and with Omni-Channel Routing Configurations. If both are
configured with a different a value (time in seconds) the time set for
Chat takes precedence over Omni-Channel routing configuration.


14. How to find from where the Salesforce Canvas App is loaded?

When you add your canvas app as a connected app in Salesforce, you can retrieve information about the current environment by using the Context object. The Context object provides information to your app about how and by whom it’s being consumed. You can use this information to make subsequent calls for information and code your app so that it appears completely integrated with the Salesforce user interface.
Reference Link –

15. Block Visitor or Spam Block from Chat Salesforce

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