Usage of OrgLimit Class and OrgLimits Class

OrgLimit Class
The System.OrgLimit class contains methods that return the name, current value, and maximum limit for an instance.

getName() - Returns the limit’s name.
getValue() - Returns the limit usage value.
getLimit() - Returns the maximum allowed limit value.

OrgLimits Class
The System.OrgLimits class contains methods that return a list of all org limits or a map of all org limit names and values.

getAll() - Returns a list of OrgLimit instances.
getMap() - Returns a map of all OrgLimit instances with the limit name as key.

Sample Code:

  1. for ( OrgLimit o : OrgLimits.getAll() ) {  
  3.     system.debug( o.getName() + ' - ' + o.getValue() + ' - ' + o.getLimit() );  
  5. }  


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