Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers Part 47

1. What does the data type sObject represent?
An sObject variable represents a row of data and can only be declared in Apex using the SOAP API name of the object.
For example:
Account a = new Account();
MyCustomObject__c co = new MyCustomObject__c();

2. What are some of the collections types you can use in Apex?

3. Syntax for catching errors in Apex?

4. Unit testing in Salesforce?

5. What is the use of Metadata API?

6. Difference between Enterprise and Partner wsdl in Salesforce

7. When to use Trigger instead of workflow rules?

8. What is the use of With Sharing keyword?

9. What is the use of transient keyword in Salesforce?

10. What are future methods?

11. What VF standard component would you use to display data in a table?


12. What is the use of reRender attribute?

13. What is the use of apex:actionStatus?

14. Order of execution in Salesforce

15. Difference between Lookup and Master-Detail relationship in Salesforce

16. Test classes for webservice classes?

17. How to handle locking exception?

18. How to improve VF performance?

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