Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 18

Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 18

1) Rule Criteria : “every time a record is created or edited
WrkFlw Rule 1:
On Opty Status = ‘Open’ , update Status = ‘Closed’
WrkFlw Rule 2:
On Opty Status = ‘Closed’, update Status = ‘Open’
Finally What is the value of Status field or how does SFDC Handle this internally?

To tackle this, we should uncheck “Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change” in the first Workflow rule.

2) What are the challenges faced while Consuming External Wsdl File into SFDC and generate wasl2apex Class ?

Exception handling.

3) Difference between Email Service and Workflow Email Alerts?

Email alert sends an email when the criteria matches.

Email service takes care of inbound and outbound emails.l

4) There are A,B,C, D & E Work flows on same object [ All the 5 of them have same criteria/ rules ….Every thing is same].
It should execute in a sequence order. [must] How do u achieve this ?

Trigger is the only solution.

5) Suppose I have 1 obj and 10 records.
I want to Give permission to one user all 10-records . & 4 records
permission to other user…how do u achieve this using configuration ?

Manual Sharing.

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