June 7, 2013

Public Solutions in Salesforce

Using the Solutions tab, your customer support team can create solutions that people outside of your organization may find helpful. Using HTML code supplied by Salesforce, and with the help of your website administrator, you can add a search box and button to your website that allows your customers to search for solutions. This functionality is known as Public Solutions.

With public solutions, your customers can find answers to frequently asked questions without having to call your customer support center. All solutions with a Status of Reviewed and the Visible in Public Knowledge Base field checked will be available as public solutions, including any solution attachments.
Public solutions are different from the Self-Service portal and Salesforce Customer Portal because users are not required to log in, and they can only search for solutions, not submit cases.

1. Go to Setup --> App Setup --> Customize --> Self-Service --> Public Solutions.

2. Enable Public Solutions and click "Generate HTML" button.

3. Copy the code and create a HTML page with the generated Code.


4. Click "Finished" button.


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