May 6, 2013

Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 9

1.       Ajax Components in V.F?

apex:actionPoller, apex:actionFunction, apex:actionSupport, etc.

2.       Salesforce sites?

Used to show data from our organization for public view.

3.       Rendered and Re Rendered and Re Renderdas?

4.       Auto-response rules and Escalation rules(for which objects are mandatory)?

Case and Lead.

5.       Difference between REST and SOAP API'S?

Varies on records that can be handled.

6.       What is creating debug log for users?

Track code

7.       Diff SOQL and SOSL?

8.       What is Action support and Action pollar in V.F?

9.       Diff Mater-detail & Lookup?

10.   What is Dynamic Apex?

11.   How cases are created?

Email to Case and Web to Case

12.   How many events are there in Triggers?

13.   What is after undelete?

While retrieving from recycle bin

14.   Will supports --->Insert,,,Will Trigger.Delete supports --->Delete


15.   What is Inline visualforce page?

Having vf page in pagelayout.

16.   Diff between Profile and permission sets?

17.   Diff between role and profile?

18.   What are sharing rules?and how many types of sharings are there?

19.   JSON?

20.   Do you know about Portals?

21.   If is child is mandatory field in lookup and I m deleting Parent,will child get deleted?


22.   Junction object?when will we use?If we delete the junction object what will happen?

For many to many relationship.

23.   Diff between controller and Extension?

24.   What is Dynamic SOQL?

25.   Context Variables in Triggers?

26. and Trigger.old?

27.   Can we have V.F pages in page layout?


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