Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 5

1. Can you tell me brief introduction about your profile technically regarding to project?

2. In which module have you worked, say sales module or service module?

3. Can you brief me about salesforce module flow?

Sales processes include quote generation, tracking opportunity stages, updates on close dates and amounts and won opportunities.

4. How the Salesforce end to end flow?

5. Can you tell me about Rollup summary field ?

Rollup Summary field can be created in Master detail relationship alone.

Rollup Summary field should be created on master object.

Rollup Summary field is used to find
  • Sum
  • Count
  • Min
  • Max
of the child records.

6. Can you tell the difference between Profile and Roles?

Profiles are used for Object level access settings.

Roles are used for Record level access settings.

7. What are permission sets?

Permission Sets are used to extend Profile permissions.

8. Can you override profile permissions with permission sets(i have defined some permissions in profile,i am trying to use permission sets for the same object,can i override permissions for a particular object in the permission sets over to the profile?

No. Permission Sets are used only to extend the Profile permissions. It never overrides.

9. I want to have read/write permission for User 1 and read only for User 2, how can you acheive?

Create a Permission Set with read/write and assign it to User 1.

10. Can you tell difference between Profile, OWD or a Sharing Rule?

Profile: Profile is used for object level access. It is used to provide CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete) permission.

OWD: OWD is used for record level access for all the users across Organization. It is used to provide Public Read Only, Public Read/Write, Private, Public Read/Write/Transfer(Lead and Case Objects alone).

Sharing Rule: Sharing Rules is used to extend Role Hierarchy.

11. What is the role hierarchy?

Role Hierarchy states that higher hierarchy person can see lower hierarchy person records.

12. I have an OWD which is read only, how all can access my data and I want to give read write access for a particular record  to them, how can i do that?

All users can just Read the record.

Create a Sharing Rule to give Read/Write access with "Based on criteria" Sharing Rules.

13. What is the difference between role hierarchy and sharing rules?will both do the same permissions?

Role Hierarchy states that higher hierarchy person can see lower hierarchy person records.

Sharing Rule is used to extend Role Hierarchy.

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