VLOOKUP in Salesforce Validation Rule

Returns a value by looking up a related value on a custom object similar to the VLOOKUP() Excel function.

  • The field_to_return must be an auto number, roll-up summary, lookup relationship, master-detail relationship, checkbox, date, date/time, email, number, percent, phone, picklist, text, text area, or URL field type.
  • The field_on_lookup_object must be the Record Name field on a custom object.
  • The field_on_lookup_object and lookup_value must be the same data type.
  • If more than one record matches, the value from the first record is returned.
  • The value returned must be on a custom object.
  • You cannot delete the custom field or custom object referenced in this function.

  • This example checks that a billing postal code is valid by looking up the first five characters of the value in a custom object called Zip_Code__c that contains a record for every valid zip code in the US. If the zip code is not found in the Zip_Code__c object or the billing state does not match the corresponding State_Code__c in the Zip_Code__c object, an error is displayed.

    LEN(BillingPostalCode) > 0,
    OR(BillingCountry = "USA",
       BillingCountry = "US"),

    <> BillingState