Interview questions for Salesforce developers with answers

1. Through Sales force Import wizard how many records we can import?

Using Import wizard, we can upload up to 50000 records.

2. Import wizard will support for which Objects?

Only Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Solutions and custom object’s data can be imported.  If we want to import other objects like Opportunities and other object’s data, then we need to go for Apex Data Loader.

3. What is app exchange?

The developed custom applications can be uploaded into the app exchange so that the other person can share the applicaition.

4. What is a VLOOKUP in S.F?

VLOOKUP is actually a function in sales force which is used to bring relevant value to that record from another record automatically.

5. When I want to export data into SF from Apex Data Loader, which Option should be enable in Profile?

Enable API

6. What is a web - lead?

Capturing a lead from a website and routing it into lead object in Sales Force is called wed-lead (web to lead).

7. What are the Types of Account and difference between them?

We have two types of accounts.
Personal accounts
Business accounts

In personal accounts, person’s name will be taken as primary considerations where as in business accounts, there will be no person name, but company name will be taken into consideration.

8. What is a Wrapper Class in S.F?

A wrapper class is a class whose instances are collections of other objects.

9. What are formula and Rollup Summary fields and Difference between them? When should Rollup- Summary field enable?

Formula: A read-only field that derives its value from a formula expression that we define. The formula field is updated when any of the source fields change.
Rollup Summary: A read-only field that displays the sum, minimum, or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list.

10. What is a Sandbox? What are all the Types of sandboxex?

Sandbox is the exact replica of the production.

4 Types:
Developer Pro
Partial Copy
Full Copy

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  4. Sandbox types: Developer, Developer Pro, Partial Copy, Full Copy

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