Outbound and Inbound Change Sets in Salesforce

Outbound and Inbound Change Sets in Salesforce

An outbound change set contains customizations that you want to send from this organization to another organization. These customizations can include new components or modifications to existing
components, such as apps, objects, reports, or Apex classes and triggers. An outbound change set can’t be used to delete or rename components in another organization.

  • Deploy Apex classes and triggers developed in sandbox to production
  • Copy custom objects and other customizations to a sandbox without refreshing it
  • Migrate changes across environments, e.g. dev sandbox to QA sandbox to production

1. Go to Setup –> Deploy –> Outbound Change Sets.

2. Click ‘New’ button.

3. Enter Name, Description and click ‘Save’ Button.

 4. Add ‘Change Set Components’.

5. In the ‘Test’ sandbox, go to Setup –> Deployment connections.

6. Click ‘Edit’ link.

 7. Check ‘Allow Inbound Changes’ checkbox and click ‘Save’ button.

 8. Now go to production and then select the outbound change Sets and Click ‘Upload’ button.

9. Select the organization and click ‘Upload’ button.

10. Now go the ‘Test’ sandbox and go to Setup — > Inbound Change Sets and select the change sets awaiting deployment.

11. Click ‘Deploy’ Button.

12. Check the status in ‘Deployment History’.

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