Salesforce basic Interview questions

Salesforce basic Interview questions

1. Workflow rules can perform which of the following actions using standard functionality?
A.     Update a Field
B.     Send an Outbound Message
C.     Send an Email
D.     Create a Task

2. The Organization ID (Org ID) of a sandbox environment is the same as its production environment.
A.     True
B.     False

3. Jim is a system administrator for Universal Products Inc (UPI).  UPI currently uses org-wide public read/write for accounts. The sales department is concerned with sales reps being able to see each other’s account data, and would like sales reps to only be able to view their own accounts.  Sales managers should be able to view and edit all accounts owned by sales reps. The marketing department at UPI must be able to view all sales representative’s accounts at UPI. What steps must be configured in order to meet these requirements?
A.     Change Org-Wide Security for Accounts to Private
B.     Add Sharing Rule to Provide Read Access to Marketing for Sales Representative’s Accounts
C.     Configure Roles:
-Marketing (Subordinate of Executive)
-Sales Management (Subordinate of Executive)
–Sales Representatives (Subordinate of Sales Management)

D.     Create Sharing Rule to allow Sales Management to view/edit Sales Representatives’ accounts

4. The Data Loader can be used with Group Edition.
A.     True
B.     False

5. What type of object relationship best describes the relationship between Campaigns and Leads (using standard Salesforce functionality)?
A.     Many to Many
B.     Many to One
C.     One to One

6. Which of the following are valid Salesforce license types?
A.     Service Cloud
B.     Platform (
C.     Customer Portal

D.     Gold Edition
E.     Unlimited Edition
F.     Platinum Portal

7. Which of the following are either current or future planned offerings by or its subsidiaries?
A.     Touch
B.     Flow / Visual Process Manager
C.     Heroku
D.     Sites / Siteforce

E.     StartForce

8. Bob is a consultant and is responsible for the data migration of an implmentation for his client, Universal Systems Inc (USI). 

USI wants to migrate contacts and accounts from their legacy CRM system, which has a similar data model (many contacts per one account; primary keys exist on contact and account).

USI has provided Bob an export in CSV format of contacts and accounts of their legacy CRM system. What method should Bob use to migrate the data from the legacy system into Salesforce?
A.     An ETL or similar data migration tool must be used
B.     Create an external ID for account and use the data loader to upsert the data with relationships intact
C.     Insert accounts into Salesforce and use Excel vlookup to match the legacy ID to the Salesforce ID in order to insert associated contacts

9. Universal Products Inc (UPI) wants to perform a drip marketing campaign on leads generated through website submissions.  What is the ideal method to execute this type of campaign?
A.     Use Salesforce campaign management and series of workflow rules
B.     Integrate Salesforce with a 3rd party vendor to perform marketing automation
C.     Export the data from Salesforce and manually send via 3rd party tool

10. Which of the following are valid ways to migrate metadata?
A.     Data Loader
B.     Change Sets
D.     ANT Migration Toolkit

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