Static Resource Image URLs in Salesforce Embedded Service Chat for Experience Cloud Site

We cannot add the complete full Static Resource URL in the Embedded Service Branding. If you add, it will show a broken URL.
Reference Article:
To resolve the issue, the relative path should be used in the Embedded Service Deployment Configuration in the Experience Site Builder rather than the Full Static Resource URL.   

/{Experience Cloud Site URL Path}/resource/{Static Resource Time of SystemModStamp}/{Static Resource Developer or API Name}
1. Here cc refers to my Experience Cloud site URL path.

2. Following SOQL can be used to get the Static Resource Time of SystemModStamp.
StaticResource objSR = [
    SELECT Id, Name, CacheControl, SystemModStamp
    FROM StaticResource
    WHERE Name = 'Avatar'
][ 0 ];

System.debug( objSR.SystemModStamp.getTime() );