April 17, 2021

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler helps customers and prospects in scheduling appointments with the right person in the Organization at the right time and location. Lightning Scheduler can be used to quickly set up appointments within standard objects like leads, opportunities, and accounts.
1. Create Service Territory.
2. Create Service Resource.
3. Create Work Type Group.
4. Create Work Type.
5. Assign the Work Type to Work Type Group.
6. Enable Maps and Location under setup.
7. Add Schedule Appointment quick action to the page layout.


  1. Hi there. I recently configured this as well. I also manually configured links to be sent out to client contacts in emails. Is there a better way? Calendar invitations seem to be a pain to deal with. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I just configured Lightning Scheduler as well. I set up emails triggered by flows to be sent out to external clients that included links to add Google calendar meetings (manually configured). Combining this post with the previous one, I am assuming you are handling this one with Einstein AC, is that correct? Is there any other way that is easy to set up? Thank you.

    1. Correct, I am using EAC. I don't know any better way. Sending Emails from Flow or Process Builder will be tough to develop and manage for a long run.

    2. Thank you for your response. Maybe it is just me but the product seems to be incomplete without the handling of attendees and email calendar invites. It would be great to have the classic functionality that you posted about at least.

    3. yes. Classic still rules. The event notification on Classic one was amazing.