Why .invalid is added to Users email addresses after Sandbox Refresh in Salesforce?

When you create, refresh, or clone a sandbox, user email addresses are modified in your sandbox so that users won't accidentally receive email while doing development and testing in the Sandbox environment.
While doing development and testing, the existing Process Builders, Workflow Rules and Triggers may send emails to the users. In order to avoid this chaos, emails sent to email addresses ending with .invalid are ignored by the system. 

1. User who refreshed the Sandbox email address won't be appended with .invalid.
2. Email addresses configured in Custom Settings, Custom Metadata Types won't be appended. 
3. If you stuck with logging in, check this article - https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000335702&type=1&mode=1

For additional information, please check the below reference link

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