Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox is a suite of applications that brings together two platforms you use every day: Your email and Salesforce. Powered by Einstein, these intelligent and intuitive apps come equipped with productivity tools and a seamless integration between your email inbox and CRM to help you sell smarter and faster wherever you work!

1. Helps to link the email to multiple records.

2. Create a new Salesforce lead, contact, opportunity, case or task directly from my inbox and into Salesforce.

3. Log emails from an email message to a Salesforce record.

4. You can Schedule an event on behalf of your colleague with Salesforce Inbox.

5. Salesforce Inbox has “Send Later” option. If you want to draft an email but you would like to send an email after 3 hours, You can achieve by Salesforce Inbox.

6. Read Receipts: If you sent an email and the recipient has opened the email, you will get Notification.

7. Salesforce Inbox provides the shortcuts to use in your emails and you can create your own shortcuts in Salesforce Inbox and you can use it in your emails.

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