Salesforce Winter ’17 Release

Send the Right Message with Salesforce Engage in Lightning

Be first, be relevant, be productive – with each and every prospect you speak to. Salesforce Engage provides the exact insights you need at the right moment, empowering you to:

effortlessly build tailored campaigns with marketing-curated content
deliver a phenomenal buyer experience
close deals faster

Sell Smarter with Quotes, Contracts, and Campaign Influence in Lightning Experience

When you enable Quotes in Lightning Experience, reps save time because they have the latest information right inside their quotes and their opportunities. They quickly create and edit quotes and quote line items, and then add the latest quote to an opportunity.

Freshen Up the Look of Leads, Campaigns, and Contracts with Kanban

Kanban in Lightning Experience is simple to access and use. When on a list view, select Kanban from the Display menu to get started. Advancing leads, campaigns, and contracts through the sales cycle is simple and fast. It’s also all drag-and-drop, which means fewer clicks.

Open CTI—Struck by Lightning

Open CTI has been struck by Lightning! Now your support agents can make and receive phone calls through Lightning Experience to close cases faster.

Picture Customer Service on Instagram

Picture this: Now your service team can support customers directly on Instagram. Respond to customers on the channels they prefer—including Instagram.

Boost Field Service into Communities

Show your customers and partners even more love by adding field service data to your web communities. Now customers can schedule appointments and partners can check on work orders right from a community.

Fire Up Customers with Journey Builder in Lightning

Journey Builder is a powerful tool that helps you design and automate marketing plans over multiple communication channels. You can use it to reach your customers at each stage of your campaign.

The new user interface is colorful, easy to read, and features a declarative builder. Drag-and-drop components to quickly place interactions, activities, and flows along your customer path.

Send Email on the Go with the Marketing Cloud Mobile App

Email Studio provides you with the latest and greatest tools for managing your email campaigns. You can schedule and manage your emails all in one nifty tool. Last release, we brought you Email Studio integration with Content Builder, our content management system.

And with Winter ’17, we’re bringing some of your favorite capabilities to your iOS-compatible mobile devices. Now the email send flow you’re accustomed to on your desktop is available on your phone or tablet.

Expand Your Reach with Facebook Advanced Match

Facebook Advanced Match is easy to use. The drag-nd-drop configuration interface lets quickly map source attributes to the corresponding Facebook attributes.

Rebrand with Theme Layouts in Lightning Communities

Rebrand your communities in a flash with theme layouts. Now you can create and apply a custom community theme to match the look and feel of your brand in less time than it takes to say, “Lightning community custom theme layouts.”

Live It Up with Chatter Live Feeds

Chatter has now gone live in Lightning Experience! That means you and your teams can have real-time conversations to accelerate productivity—without having to refresh a browser.

Enjoy Customized Data Views with Wave for Sales 2.0

When it comes to dashboards that help you make important decisions, one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ve redesigned Sales Wave Analytics to include customized, intuitive, and fast-to-navigate dashboards for every sales user.

Rev Up Your Analytics Engines with the New Wave Dashboard Designer

The generally available version of the Wave dashboard designer, previously known as “flex dashboard designer,” contains significant enhancements that help even novice users quickly and easily build responsive dashboards for different devices.

Uncover Hidden Insights with Trending in Wave

Unearthing data insight shouldn’t be a treasure hunt. And you shouldn’t have to leave Salesforce to do it. That’s why Salesforce Wave now includes trending in wave, the fast and easy way to visualize and share insights into trends hidden in your Salesforce data. No treasure map required.

Reach New Heights with Enhanced Lightning Navigation and Customization

In addition to moving the nav bar, we’ve also added dropdown menus to tabs so you can access recent records and lists with a single click.

We’ve also updated the look and feel of the App Launcher. You no longer need eyes like a hawk to figure out which app you’re working in because the app’s name is right in the nav bar. You can access and swiftly switch between apps by clicking on the active app in the nav bar to open the App Launcher. You can also see all the objects and other items associated with that app.

Another fly feature of the updated app launcher is the AppExchange button up top. Not only does it make it easier to get to AppExchange from anywhere in your org, but watch what happens when you click it.

List views are a foundational part of working in Salesforce. We’re very excited to introduce two big improvements to list views in Winter ’17.

Let’s start with the first enhancement: Lightning Mass Actions. Mass actions are for those of us who don’t have time to perform the same action over and over again for every item in a list view. In other words, mass actions are for all of us.

This release, we’re bringing you two mass actions:
Add members to a campaign
Accept leads from a queue

Speed It Up with Lightning Developer Experience

A productive developer is a happy developer, and productivity is all the rage this winter. With this release you can expect more speed, beauty, and simplicity in your Lightning development.


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