The ‘MaintenanceRequest’ trigger does not appear to be handling bulk operations correctly

The ‘MaintenanceRequest’ trigger does not appear to be handling bulk operations correctly

If you face this issue “The ‘MaintenanceRequest’ trigger does not appear to be handling bulk operations correctly”, make sure while creating new case, the existing case’s subject is copied.

newCase.Subject = cas.Subject;


One thought on “The ‘MaintenanceRequest’ trigger does not appear to be handling bulk operations correctly

  • You need to insert new work parts records for each inserted new case record.
    Following is the code of helper class:
    public class MaintenanceRequestHelper {
    public static void updateWorkOrders(Map cOldMap, Map cNewMap){
    List caseToProcessIdList = new List();
    Map> caseIdToWpMap = new Map>();
    Map insertCaseMap = new Map();
    Map> insertWpMap = new Map>();
    List insertAllWpList = new List();
    Integer commonKey = 0;
    for(Id csId : cNewMap.keySet()){
    if(cOldMap.get(csId).status != 'Closed' && cNewMap.get(csId).status == 'Closed' && (cNewMap.get(csId).type == 'Repair' || cNewMap.get(csId).type == 'Routine Maintenance'))
    if(caseToProcessIdList.size() == 0)
    for (Work_Part__c wp: [Select Id, Name, Equipment__c, Equipment__r.Maintenance_Cycle__c, Maintenance_Request__c, Quantity__c From Work_Part__c Where Maintenance_Request__c IN :caseToProcessIdList]) {
    caseIdToWpMap.put(wp.Maintenance_Request__c, new List{wp});
    List tempList = caseIdToWpMap.get(wp.Maintenance_Request__c);
    caseIdToWpMap.put(wp.Maintenance_Request__c, tempList);
    for(Id csId : caseToProcessIdList){
    List relatedWpList = caseIdToWpMap.get(csId);
    List insertWpList = new List();
    Integer minDays;
    if(relatedWpList==null || relatedWpList.size()==0){
    relatedWpList = new List();
    minDays = 0;
    for(Work_Part__c wp : relatedWpList){
    if(minDays == null || minDays >= wp.Equipment__r.Maintenance_Cycle__c.intValue())
    minDays = wp.Equipment__r.Maintenance_Cycle__c.intValue();
    insertWpList.add(new Work_Part__c(Equipment__c=wp.Equipment__c, Quantity__c=wp.Quantity__c));
    Case oldCase = cNewMap.get(csId);
    Case cse = new Case();
    cse.Type ='Routine Maintenance';
    cse.Status ='New';
    cse.Origin =oldCase.Origin;
    cse.Vehicle__c = oldCase.Vehicle__c;
    cse.Equipment__c = oldCase.Equipment__c;
    cse.Subject = String.isBlank(oldCase.Subject) ? 'subject' : oldCase.Subject;
    cse.Date_Reported__c =;
    cse.Date_Due__c = System.Today().addDays(minDays);
    insertCaseMap.put(commonKey, cse);
    insertWpMap.put(commonKey, insertWpList);
    insert insertCaseMap.values();
    for(Integer i : insertCaseMap.keySet()){
    for(Work_Part__c wp : insertWpMap.get(i)){
    wp.Maintenance_Request__c = insertCaseMap.get(i).Id;
    insert insertAllWpList;

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