Salesforce Spring '16 Release Overview

Multitask with the Global Actions and Composer in Lightning Experience

It’s time to free users from the tyranny of juggling multiple tabs and clicking around to find the right record to complete a simple item.

Access Person Accounts and Campaigns in Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience just keeps getting better each release, doesn’t it? Now, the stylish layout built with busy sales teams in mind includes person accounts and campaigns.

Are person accounts a person or an account? Neither, but much, much more. We’ll let you think about that for a moment.

Person accounts store information about individual consumers. They are primarily used for business-to-consumer sales, when you want to capture information about individual people with whom you do business. This opens up a whole wide world of options like adding an opportunity or assigning a campaign to a person account. And now all from within Lightning Experience.

Head Outdoors with Work Orders

Your customer service team is no longer shackled to a computer or stuffy contact center.

Cuddle up with Multi-Component Assets

Assets—you know, the records that detail the products that your customers have purchased—might seem dull. But now you can spice them up with the subtle complexities of a spring romance. You might be saying, “Huh?”, but assets can now have deep, meaningful relationships.

Crank up the Collaboration in Community Templates

Self-service never sleeps. Some of your customers are always awake, helping out your other customers on your community, and that saves your support team time and money. To crank up the volume on specific conversations in your community, you can now add groups to the Napili template (Winter ‘16 version or later).

Harness the Power of Data Science with Predictive Journeys

You have to drive across town to run some errands. Do you consult the circa 1991 crumpled map in your glove compartment? Or, do you take advantage of the latest GPS that re-routes you based on traffic jams and road closures? Congratulations, you just realized the benefits of delivering 1:1 customer journeys.

House Your Data Under One Marketing Cloud Roof with Marketing Cloud Connect

You know how Salesforce lets you use point-and-click tools to create killer apps--no coding needed? Well, the newly introduced Data Stream feature in Marketing Cloud Connect is simple like that. It allows you to utilize data across all your digital marketing channels from across the entire Salesforce platform, including custom objects, all within Marketing Cloud. No tech support required.

Dive into Social Data with Workbenches for Social Studio

It’s time to get in that diving bell because you’re about to go for a social data deep dive.

Workbenches are generally available and better than ever. In case you weren’t in on the Beta, Workbenches create custom datasets based on filtered social media searches of your accounts’ posts. No more drowning in a sea of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram posts.

Help Your Communities Catch Wave Analytics

Surfers catch waves, and now your partner and customer users can catch Wave Analytics when they’re surfing your communities.

Dashboards in Communities used to be like private beaches—for locals only. Your team could see waves of data to make the best decisions and start some conversations. But private beaches are quiet and lonely.

Paint Prettier Waves with Wave Flex Dashboard Designer

Even if you don’t consider yourself a talented artist, you can now paint beautiful dashboards with Flex Dashboard Designer. The new dashboard designer brushes away years of artistic angst and exhaustive tutelage to help you become the Leonardo Da Vinci of data visualization.

Your new pallet includes:

Drag-and-drop: Create widgets with a few clicks. Fewer deep thoughts on how to create dashboards!
Snap-to-grid: Align widgets perfectly with little effort. Less time with dashboard rulers and numbers!
Increase-the-workspace: Hide clipped lenses and property panels to see more canvas. More room to express your dashboard creativity!

Strike Twice—Lightning Experience for Reports and Dashboards

It’s a myth that lightning never strikes twice. How do we know? First, you can debunk the myth by reading about weather on the web. Second, Lightning Experience has struck both reports and dashboards.

Now that Lightning Experience reports and dashboards are more on parity with those in Salesforce Classic, there’s no better time for you to experience a flashier user interface. A bunch of new features makes it easier for you to analyze your data in Lightning Experience.

Use dashboard filters to see only the data you need
View tables on dashboards to scan more information quickly
View dynamic dashboards as other users to get more insights
Show or hide details on matrix reports to summarize data along multiple axes
Change the color of your charts and set reference lines to add a personal touch and highlight specific values
Find, edit, and organize your reports, dashboards, and folders easily with redesigned report and dashboard home pages

Combine Convenience and Security in Version 2.0 of the Salesforce Authenticator Mobile App

The Salesforce Authenticator mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. Security never looked so stylish.

But before we get ahead of ourselves to what’s new, why is this app so important? Like other mobile two-factor authenticator apps, Salesforce Authenticator generates verification codes that expire after a certain amount of time. When users log in to an online account, they enter the code from the app along with their username and password. This extra security helps prove that the user is who they are logging in as.

Understand Your Security Risks at a Glance Using Health Check

Do you know what your security gaps are right now? Could you identify risks and next steps by looking at a single page? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Well, you’re in luck. A new Health Check dashboard shows how well your org measures against the Salesforce-recommended baseline for Session Settings, Password Policies, and Network Access settings.

Link to implement it -

PaaS Made Easy with New Capabilities in Heroku Enterprise

Have you heard? The Era of the Customer has arrived. Everyone expects an elegant, unified, and digital customer experience. But, managing infrastructure takes many resources when you really need to ship the next great thing right now.

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