Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 33

1) Where you write code like .NET use Visual Source Safe , what Salesforce use ?

Salesforce keeps the code in

2) If there are multiple developers, whose code goes first into production what criteria u follow to send code ? how to send code to production 

Once the code is tested(UAT - User Acceptance testing) in Sandbox it will be moved to production.

3) How do you do version controlling in Salesforce?

We can use Tortoise SVN in Eclipse for this

4) Scenario : there is a company xyz has many like 1000 web pages with [email protected], u  need change [email protected] to [email protected] you do that with code ? how to do with your salesforce?

We can use SOSL to get the records and update them.


FIND {[email protected]} IN Email Fields RETURNING Contact(Id, Email), Lead(Id, Email)

Example to get the records -

5) How many API you create in your project and how?

6) What database Salesforce uses? Is it cloud?