How to create report from SVN commits?

1. Use the below link to download SVNStat application.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Move it to any drive. In my case, I have moved it to D:\SVN.

4. Install Tortoise SVN client from

5. Check out the project by right click and SVN Checkout....

6. Select the correct branch and a local folder to check out the project.

7. Navigate to the checked out project folder in Command Prompt and create a SVN log file using the below command.

svn log --xml -v > svn.log

8. Navigate to SVN folder and execute the below command.

java -jar svnstat.jar D:\SVN\ProjectFolder\svn.log D:\SVN\ProjectFolder

9. Now go to SVN Folder (D:\SVN).

10. Several html files would have been created to see the statistics.