September 11, 2015

How to create report from SVN commits?

1. Use the below link to download SVNStat application.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Move it to any drive. In my case, I have moved it to D:\SVN.

4. Install Tortoise SVN client from

5. Check out the project by right click and SVN Checkout....

6. Select the correct branch and a local folder to check out the project.

7. Navigate to the checked out project folder in Command Prompt and create a SVN log file using the below command.

svn log --xml -v > svn.log

8. Navigate to SVN folder and execute the below command.

java -jar svnstat.jar D:\SVN\ProjectFolder\svn.log D:\SVN\ProjectFolder

9. Now go to SVN Folder (D:\SVN).

10. Several html files would have been created to see the statistics.


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