Simple Search in LinkedIn using apex in Salesforce

1. Create a button "Search in LinkedIn" in Contact object.

2. Add the button to the page layout.

3. Click the button to see the result.



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  1. How to Achieve this.
    There is a
    1)Case Object-Recordtype1,Recordtype2(Change Profile).
    2)After selecting Case object with Recordtype2 in which one field time_duration__c (Picklist)with values 1hr,2hr,...8hrs. and Case owner field also.
    3)Then After user creating the case with selction of time_Duration__c the record will go for the Approval Process.Managers will Approve the Record.
    then The Status__c field will be Updated with 'Approved' Value.
    4)Then User's(Case Owner) current profile Should be released and System Administrator profile needs to be assigned to that user for Selected duration of time in time_Duration__c.
    After that time duration the profile field of the user should be reverted back to the previous value.