Roles of Salesforce Administrator

The roles and responsibilities of real-time Salesforce administrator are

1. First point of Contact for the Production issue.

2. Setting up Roles and Responsibilities.

3. Adding users to Queue, Public Groups, Chatter Groups, Permission Sets, etc…

4. Creating reports for data validation.

5. Loading new data or updating existing data using Data Loader/Import Wizard.

6. Freezing and unfreezing users during Bulk Data Load, Sandbox refresh and multiple deployments.

7. Informing users before and after Sandbox refresh.

8. Setting up users(Activation and De-Activation).

Advanced Admins do the below

1. Working on customization.
a. Process Builder
b. Workflow
c. Flow
d. Lightning Record Page
e. Page Layout adjustments
f. Record Type assignments
g. Validation Rule
h. Email Template
2. Salesforce Release Readiness documentation on out of the box features.
3. Delegated Administration for Business.

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