Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam syllabus

Industry Knowledge - 5%

Implementation Strategies - 7%

Sales Cloud Solution Design - 23%

Marketing and Leads - 7%

Account and Contact Management - 15%

Opportunity Management - 15%

Sales Productivity - 12%

Communities and Site Management - 5%

Sales Cloud Analytics - 5%

Integration and Data Management - 6%

Topics with information covered:

Industry Knowledge - 5%
Explain the factors that influence sales metrics, KPIs and business challenges.
Explain common sales processes and key considerations.

Implementation Strategies - 6%
Successful consulting engagement (plan, gather requirements, design, build, test, and document).
Deployment considerations

Sales Cloud Solution Design - 25%
Update Reminder in Salesforce
Similar Opportunities in Salesforce
Big Deal Alert in Salesforce
Product Schedule in Salesforce Work Offline
Territory management

Marketing and Leads - 7%
Lead Management
HTML Email Status in Lead in Salesforce

Account and Contact Management - 12%
Social accounts and contacts.
Account hierarchy.
Person accounts.

Opportunity Management- 15%
Sales process
Sales stages, forecast and pipeline.

Sales Productivity - 12%
Sales process
Content vs. Chatter Files in the sales process.

Communities and Site Management - 5%
Explain the use cases for Communities and sites in the sales process.
Identify the impact of enabling Communities.

Sales Cloud Analytics - 5%
Determine the appropriate report, dashboard or analytic snapshot solution.
Describe the implementation considerations of multi-currency on reports and dashboards.

Integration and Data Management - 8%
Considerations for integrations common to Sales Cloud implementations.
Considerations for data migration in Sales Cloud.

Implications and design considerations of large data and transaction

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