April 23, 2014

Test class for Abstract class in Salesforce

Abstract Class:

public abstract class SampleAbstract
    public Task newTask;
    public void createT(Id caseId, Id accountId)
        newTask = new Task();
    public abstract void methodX();
    public abstract void methodY();

Class extending Abstract class:

public class Sample extends SampleAbstract {  
    public sample() {
    public override void methodX(){
    public override void methodY(){


Test class:

private class AbstractTest{
    static testMethod void test(){
        Sample sa = new Sample();  
        Id caseId;
        Id accountId;
        sa.createT(caseId, accountId);  


  1. I have a VF page, VF component & their separate controllers. Both controllers are extending 2 virtual classes. In sObject is passed to VF Component using . I don't understand how to write test class to cover them. Can you please give an idea ? Thank you very much. Appreciate your help.

    1. You can create a variable for SObject and pass it.