Visualforce Components in Salesforce

Similar to the way functions work in a programming language, custom Visualforce components allow you to encapsulate common design patterns and then reuse those patterns in one or more Visualforce pages.

1. Go to Setup --> Build --> Develop -->  Components.

2. Click "New" button.

Sample Visualforce component

Code Used inside the Visualforce Component:

<apex:component >
    <apex:attribute name="height" required="true" type="integer" description="Height for the table"/>
    <table height="{!height}" border="2">
        <tr><td><h1>Infallible Techie</h1></td></tr>

3. Create a Visualforce page to use the Visualforce Component.

Visualforce page:

    <c:CompanyTitle height="30"></c:CompanyTitle>



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