Feed Tracking in Salesforce

Using Feed Tracking, users can see updates for records they follow in their Chatter feed.We can track only up to 20 fields per object.

The following standard field types can’t be tracked:

  • Auto-number, formula, and roll-up summary fields
  • Encrypted and read-only system fields
  • The Expected Revenue field on opportunities
  • The Solution Title and Solution Details fields on solutions

It won’t show modified values and old values for Multi-Picklist and Long Textarea  fields.

  1. History tracking shows the following:
  2. Prior value – old value.
  3. Current value – value.
  4. Who has done the changes – person who modified it.
  5. When it was changed – date and time of modification.

1. Go to Setup –> Build –> Customize –> Chatter –> Feed Tracking.

2. Enable Feed Tracking, select the fields and click “Save” button.


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