May 28, 2013

Tags in Salesforce

 Tags are words or short phrases that you can associate with most Salesforce records to describe and organize their data in a personalized way. Use tags to group records from various objects by a common topic or use, and then use those tags in search to make finding information fast and intuitive.

Types of tags:

    1. Personal tags are private. Only you can view any personal tags that you add to a record.
    2. Public tags are shared among all users in an organization. Any user with access to the record can view the public tags that you add.

Administrators can enable personal and public tags for accounts, activities, assets, campaigns, cases, contacts, contracts, dashboards, documents, events, leads, notes, opportunities, reports, solutions, tasks and for any custom objects.

In order to enable Tags, go to Setup --> Customize --> Tags --> Tag Settings.

For Public tags, kindly check Public Tags and for Personal Tags, kindly select Personal Tags.

 To add, tag to a record, kindly click "Add Tags" button.

Give a name to the tag and save it.

Search the tag name in the Search bar.



For all editions, a user is limited to a maximum of: 

• 500 unique personal tags
• 5,000 instances of personal tags applied to records

Across all users, your organization can have a maximum of:

• 1,000 unique public tags
• 50,000 instances of public tags applied to records
• 5,000,000 instances of personal and public tags applied to records


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