May 3, 2013

How to assign Permission Set for multiple Users?

To assign Permission Set for multiple Users, kindly follow the below steps

1. Login into Apex Data loader.

2. Click "Insert" button.

3. Select "Permission Set Assignment" as object and browse the .csv file. The file should have User id and Permission set id to be assigned.

4. Map the User Id to "AssigneeId" and Permission Set Id to "PermissionSetId".

5. Click "Finish" button to complete the insert operation.


  1. does this work for multiple permission sets ?

    1. Yes. Mention the correct permission id and user id. It will work for multiple Permission Sets.

  2. Hi ,

    I've tried similar but im getting an error , could you help .

    We can't save this assignment because there's no permission set ID or permission set group ID.

  3. Hi,
    I dont see the AssigneeId while doing mapping ..

    1. As of Summer ’20 and later, only users who have one of these permissions can access this object:

      View Setup and Configuration
      Manage Session Permission Set Activations
      Assign Permission Sets

      Check the object selected.