Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 3

Salesforce Interview questions with answers Part 3

1. What are the Governor Limits in Salesforce?

2. What is the difference b/w Trigger & Workflow?

Triggered can be fired before or after some operation.

Workflow cab be fired only after some operation.

3. What are the actions used in Workflow?

Email Alert
Field Update
Outbound Message

4. Say About Visual force page?

Using VF tags we can develope visualforce pages.

5. What is meant by Rendered & Re-render attribute in VF?

Rendered is used decide whether to display or hide the VF elements.

Re-Render is used to refresh the VF elements.

6. What is meant by Standard Controller & Controller?

In standard controller we can refer Standard and custom objects.

In Contoller we can refer Apex class.

7. What are the different types of Cloud in SF?

Sales cloud
Service cloud
Marketing cloud

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