Approver's delegate to approve the record in Salesforce

An approver's delegate may also approve the record in his/her absence.

Usually it will be an user's manager.

In order to set delegate, select the user in "Delegated Approver" field in user detail page.

Set your preference for receiving approval request emails. The options are:
  • If I am an approver or delegated approver
  • Only if I am an approver
  • Only if I am a delegated approver
  • Never—If you select this option, you won't receive any approval request emails, even if your organization has email approval response enabled. However, if the assignee of an approval step is a queue, selecting Never may not block all approval request emails, depending the queue settings.
When an approval request email is sent to the assigned approver, the delegated approver also receives an email notification that there is an approval request to review. Delegated approvers can't reassign approval requests; they can only approve or reject approval requests.


  1. Hi..
    What permission the delegated approver needs to have to approve the record?
    Does salesforce automatically share the record with the delegated approver?

    1. No. Check this -