SFDC Interview questions

Important Salesforce.com expected interview questions are as follows:
  1. What is your Strong point in Salesforce?
  2. How you can with SQL injections in Salesforce?
  3. Can you explain test methods in Salesforce?
  4. How did you display error messages on VF Pages in Salesforce?
  5. Can you explain relationships in Salesforce?
  6. What are SOQL limitations?
  7. How can bypass SOQL statement to fetch more 1000 records?
  8. What job did you like more in your carrier?
  9. Can you explain about SFDC controllers?
  10. Can you explain about Sales process?
  11. What is a set in Salesforce deployments?
  12. How many ways you can invoke a work flow?
  13. What are governor limits can you explain about it?
  14. What are Role, Profile and Security?
  15. How do you handle SOQL problem in Trigger?
  16. How you can access JQuery in VF page?
  17. What is change set in Salesforce?
  18. What is transient variable in Salesforce?
  19. How you can measure trigger performance?
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