How to Embed a Visualforce Page on a Standard Layout

1. Click Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts.
2. Click Edit next to Account Layout.
3. Select Visualforce Pages in the left column of the user interface elements palette.
4. You’ll notice your page appears here (because it uses the Accounts standard controller).
5. Select accountDisplay, and drag it to the Account Information panel.
6. Click Save.
7. To see this in action, select the Accounts tab and then choose an account. You’ll notice the standard display of data, with your Visualforce page embedded within it! Your embedded page ideally needs to accommodate the inline display, so it might look a little plain right now, but notice how the embedded page automatically shows data of the same record—it’s also being passed the ID parameter.



  1. can i show my embedded visualforce page in edit mode of standard object, i want to edit standard object fields as well as custom object fields on my emmbedded page

  2. Hey Is it possible to embed a VF page in another 'Custom' VF page?

    1. Hi, Make use of for embedding VF inside VF.