Salesforce Health Cloud for Streamlining Medical Records

Salesforce Health Cloud for Streamlining Medical Records

Keeping up with the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape is key to delivering high-quality patient care through effective medical record management. If you are still using traditional paper-based records you’ll be well aware of the challenges that come with accessing, updating, and sharing those records.

Enter Salesforce Health Cloud, the perfect solution to digitize your record keeping to make managing your patient data a breeze. Created on the trusted Salesforce platform, this healthcare cloud offers a host of comprehensive tools tailored specifically for healthcare providers to help streamline and automate medical record processes and enhance the patient experience. This article will dive into exactly what the Salesforce Health Cloud is and cover a no-code solution you can implement. 

What is Salesforce Health Cloud? 

Originally released in 2016, Salesforce Health Cloud has undergone modifications and updates to adapt to changes in the health industry. This specialized patient-management software is a cloud-based solution designed to manage patient relationships, streamline workflows, and improve patient experiences. 

Leveraging Salesforce’s robust CRM features, you get all the flexibility, scalability, and security features combined with health cloud-specific functionalities. Salesforce healthcare cloud aims to empower providers to deliver personalized, connected, and proactive experiences. 

Leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud With Titan’s Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Titan empowers you to put your patients first with SF Health Cloud. Make Salesforce patient engagement your priority while supporting doctors, nurses, and hospitals. You can streamline medical records and operative reports, get prescription refills signed fast, and create secure self-service portals for easy appointment scheduling and payments using dedicated medical CRM. 

You can collect patient, doctor, and nurse feedback via surveys to determine how they are doing. Titan empowers healthcare organizations to easily create, automate, and track custom web surveys and feedback directly from Salesforce for healthcare. 

Extend Salesforce Health Cloud using Titan’s drag-and-drop interface to create web apps and portals. Design appointment scheduling systems, hospital landing pages, insurance single sign-on portals, payment gateways, and more using no code. 

Create customized Salesforce forms for any critical process and automate form submission and data collection to fast-track patient admission and reduce manual errors. 

Salesforce Health Cloud Features & Benefits

Salesforce’s healthcare CRM platform, Health Cloud can be used throughout your organization including family, internal medicine, and pediatric healthcare. This platform comes with numerous features and benefits. 

Patient 360 View

In the Salesforce Health Cloud, Patient 360 is a concept that provides you with a unified and comprehensive view of each patient’s health information. All patient information is aggregated and consolidated into one location, so you have access to all patient history, treatments, allergies, medications, and any other relevant data. This view assists healthcare providers with understanding a patient’s overall health and preferences. 

Collaboration Tools for Healthcare Teams

Collaboration between healthcare providers plays a crucial role in providing a holistic treatment approach. The Salesforce Health Cloud offers a range of collaboration tools designed for healthcare teams to coordinate care. This centralized platform allows for the easy sharing of patient information, care plans, and keeps a log of all communication. 

Chatter is Salesforce’s enterprise social networking tool that healthcare providers can use to collaborate in real time to post updates, share insights, and discuss patient cases. This tool promotes transparency and knowledge sharing between providers. 

You can create patient portals where providers can communicate directly with patients and keep them up to date on their care journey. These portals allow patients to see their health information, schedule appointments, and engage with their care team. 

By configuring coordination workflows, you can streamline and automate any care coordination activities. This ensures that notifications and alerts are sent promptly to providers to deliver consistent, prompt care and communication. 

Secure Data Handling and HIPAA Compliance

All this sensitive patient information needs to be kept secure to ensure that only verified personnel have access to this data. Staying compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is paramount in healthcare. Salesforce ensures that all your data is kept secure through several methods and is compliant with HIPAA, HL7 FHIR, HITRUST, FedRAMP, ASIP Santé, FDA, or GDPR standards. 

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using standard encryption protocols. This ensures no patient information is accessed by unauthorized personnel while being transmitted to or stored in Salesforce databases. 

You can create access control lists to define who can access your patient data and what actions can be performed on that data. This ensures there are no unauthorized disclosures or changes made to patient information. 

Detailed audit trails on each user activity in the platform. This provides a complete overview of who accessed patient data, when the information was accessed, and if any changes were made. Promoting accountability and transparency. 

Using Salesforce’s data masking and redaction capabilities, you can protect sensitive patient information keeping social security numbers and medical diagnoses hidden. 

Customizable Reports and Dashboards for Tracking Patient Health

Health Cloud offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities to make metric tracking, care outcomes, and overall health score insights a breeze. You can generate any custom report or dashboard to create easy-to-understand visualizations of your care delivery process, patient outcomes, and health trends. This assists with making data-driven decisions to improve quality and enhance the patient experience. 

Medical Records Management with Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce CRM for healthcare providers is an amazing solution for medical record management. Healthcare organizations can manage healthcare records electronically so providers can gain a holistic view of their patient’s medical history, collaborate with other providers, and create dashboards of healthcare information all while this data remains secure and HIPAA compliant. To stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, improve the delivery of healthcare services, and improve clinical outcomes, we recommend investing in Salesforce Health Cloud. 

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