Simple Flow Orchestrator in Salesforce

To build Salesforce Orchestration, check the following:

Sample Flow Orchestrator:
When an Account record is created.

Stage 1:
1. Update the Case Description to Stage 1.
2. Wait for the Screen Flow to complete.

Stage 2:
1. Update the Case Description to Stage 2.

To create Salesforce Flow Orchestrator, follow the below steps.

1. Go to Flows in Setup.

2. Click New button.

3. Select All + Templates tab.

Sample Flow Orchestration
Step 1 of Stage 1:

Step 2 of Stage 1:
Step 1 of Stage 2:

Add the Orchestrator Work Guide to the Lightning Record Page

When the account record is created, it will update the Description to Stage 1, sends an email for the interactive step 2 to complete and the Screen Flow will be available in the Work Guide to Complete.

Sample Email Notification for the Interactive Step:
Video Reference:

Salesforce Simple Flow Orchestration x
Salesforce Simple Flow Orchestration