Salesforce Summer ’21 Release

New Omni-Channel Capacity
The status-based capacity limit increased to a maximum of 100 simultaneous work items per agent. Increasing status-based capacity facilitates long-term planning for high-volume support teams.
Previously, an agent can be assigned a total of 40 work items.

The tab-based capacity limit permits agents a maximum of 100 tabs at once, which improves system performance and avoids agents owning near infinite numbers of work items.

Send Customers Pictures, Audio, and Video From Toll-Free Numbers
Now agents can send multimedia messages to support customers in new ways.

Identify and Match Event Messages with the EventUuid Field
Platform event messages now include the EventUuid field, which identifies an event message and is available in subscribers using API version 52.0 and later. Use this field to match published and received event messages by comparing the UUIDs of the received events with those returned in the SaveResult of publish calls. This way, you can find any event messages that aren’t delivered and republish them.

Using LWC for Quick Action in Salesforce
Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports (Beta) 
With inline editing, you can update certain types of text, numeric, and checkbox fields without leaving the Report Run page. For example, Sales reps can run an opportunity report and review and update the opportunity amounts in one place.