How to find profile permissions for objects in Salesforce?

Sample SOQL:

  1. SELECT Parent.Profile.Name, sObjectType, PermissionsCreate, PermissionsRead, PermissionsEdit, PermissionsDelete, PermissionsModifyAllRecords,   
  2.        PermissionsViewAllRecords   
  3.   FROM ObjectPermissions   
  4.  WHERE ParentId IN ( SELECT Id   
  5.                        FROM permissionset                       
  6.                       WHERE PermissionSet.Profile.Name IN ( 'System Administrator''Read Only' ) ) ORDER BY sObjectType, Parent.Profile.Name  

The above SOQL will give profile name, object name, create access, read access, edit access, delete access, modify all access and view all access.

Execute the SOQL in Data Loader to extract the values.

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